My first ever blog !!

I am so overjoyed for having my own blog , can you imagine my very own blog !! At the age of 57 when most of my contemporaries are still struggling with Facebook here I am writing my own blog 😀 Well I never was the one to go the conventional route , always a path breaker , always rubbing shoulders with people much younger than me but always looking to sharpen my knowledge. Having a daughter in my late thirties was only a boon in more than one way to keep my knowledge fresh . After all I had to deal with a teenager in my forties and only way of staying ahead in the game was through social media and boy have I enjoyed ervery bit of it . My daughters say they got two different set of parents as by the time my older daughter hit her teens I was a mother of a new baby and in my late thirties . I think I did a pretty good job of dealing with a teenager as well as bringing up a toddler even if I say so myself . Stay tuned to read and watch my story unfolding as I hit my sixtieth chronologically in a few years but way younger in my heart ❤️